Friday, October 29, 2010

So This Is Retirement

Yesterday was spent getting Beamer ready for the McDowell Halloween Ride this weekend.  I have a routine I follow when getting ready for a ride, and after a couple times, the ponies very quickly figure out what's happening.

Mimi figured it out yesterday, and I got quite afew miffed looks from her, especially after Beamer got his bath, and I had yet to come retrieve the pony for her turn.

"Mom, you forget about me," she seemed to say.

A nice pile of bermuda hay with a small handful of Beamer's beet pulp sloppy seemed to smooth things over. 

She's actually been taking her time off very well.  She's still off on that abscess foot.  She's about 98% sound at a walk, but as soon as she trots, she's still gimpy.  But I'm not surprised.  I can see a large chunk of purple burising on the side of her hoof from the path the abscess took.  I've brusied enough major support structures of my own body to know this might take a while to grow out.

But it's also amazing how unphased I am about the whole thing.  Knowing that she's retired and not going to do any more competitions really takes the pressure off.  Of course, I want her to heal fast -- I miss riding my little Go Pony (Beamer feels so different), but it's a lot easier to sit back and say, "She just needs time and she'll heal on her own" when there's not a looming competition season and pressure to be ready.

Everything in its time and all that, I suppose.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Just got back home from seeing Secretariat.  I'm calling it a "must-see" movie, and it just moved up to the top of my list of best horse movies.

I'm not usually a fan of horse fact, I don't own a single one.  (Must remedy this, since there are a few good ones.)  The Black Stallion is good, and National Velvet heartwarming.  Black Beauty makes me cringe, in all of its incarnations.  Hidalgo requires suspension of disbelief, and helped put a dent in the idea of endurance riding.  (Nice eye candy, though.)  The Horse Whisperer traumatized me for life at age ten.

So, I like movies with horses in them...I just don't necessarily love horse movies.

I loved Secretariat.

If you already had plans to go see it...go see it sooner.  If you were holding me, it's worth it.  I rarely go to the movies anymore, and this one was definitely worth the trip.  It's a heart-warming, feel-good, celebration of greatness.  And some great comedic moments along the way.