Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome to the Future

This will mark my 100th blog post.  A huge THANK YOU to all of my are the reason I keep blogging!  I started blogging due to the fact that I enjoy writing, and this would be a good outlet for that, as well as wanting a place to catalog my accounts of rides and pony antics.

I started blogging in April of 2007, so it's taken my this long to reach that milestone.  I can be an erratic blogger at times, mostly due to the fact that when life gets crazy, writing/blogging is the first thing that gets temporarily shelved.  I've been getting better at being more consistent, and one of my goals for the upcoming year is to blog every several days at least.

That being said...READERS...I'd like your input for some of what you'd like to see appear in the future.  I'm going to be starting a new blog focusing on the use of hoof boots and barefoot trimming, so those that are less interested in those subjects won't be innundated on a regular basis on this blog.

Thoughts for upcoming subjects: I can start doing tack/product reviews.  As it is, most of my blog consists of stories, anecdotes, and antics.  There are ways I can make it more of an educational blog, although I still consider myself to be a "baby" endurance rider, still largely figuring this thing out myself.

I can dig into my past and start relating some of my show experiences with Mimi.  I have tons of pictures (that need to be scanned) and quite a plethora of experiences from which to relate.

Another aspect I can delve further into is breed education.  Both my father and I ride breeds that are fairly unique, both to the endurance world and the equine world in general.  There is a lot of history to be passed along for both breeds, Shagya Arabian and POA.  While this blog is called Go Pony, and is largely supposed to relate to Mimi, Beamer is a part of our riding lives, and he deserves his chance to headline my blog every so often.

I keep a lot of my personal life out of this blog, because I have a personal blog for that, and don't feel the need to impose some of the more stressful aspects of my life on my readers.  However...if there are questions about me you're dying to ask, you can always comment, and I'll more than likely answer.  Quite a bit has changed in my own personal life since I started this blog, so look for a "me update" post showing up in the near future, just to give people a glimpse of the girl outside the tights and riding helmet.

Please pass along your thoughts, opinions, and comments!  If you want to see something here, let me know.  I know I've been slacking on pictures of late...chalk it up to the fact that after my laptop crashed, I lost a lot of my pictures (most can be found on my Facebook profile, if you're Facebook friends with me) and haven't had a chance to restore them to my hard drive.  And Mimi has been a bit of a handful lately, so I haven't been bringing the camera out on rides.  Hopefully that changes after 50 miles at Wickenburg this weekend...that should get some of her pony antics out of her system.