Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Quiet Happenings

So the blog has been quiet of late because not much has been happening. Weather has cut into our riding's been so hot and humid of late that we've not been very motivated to get the ponies out, and as such, have lost a lot of conditioning time. When it's 110*, plus 40-50% humidity, there's no sane time to ride. Even at night, temps have stayed in the high 80s/low 90s.

That, combined with rather tight finances (no thanks to school raising tuition...) means we're skipping Man Against Horse this year. I'm sad about it, but it's such a difficult ride that I'd feel guilty putting Mimi into it with the amount of riding we've been doing over the summer, especially since we haven't done a ride since February. If she was 50-mile-over-the-summer fit, then having the last month of spotty conditioning probably wouldn't be so bad, but that's my paranoid ride making itself known.

Still working on my Tevis crewing story...

I did get a couple new pairs of tights in from Evelyn at Just For Horsin-Around. I've been a good girl and basically worn my current tights to pieces, so it was time for new ones. (I was down to one pair of publically acceptable tights for rides, and one semi-acceptable...the other are in various stages of disrepair and sheerness.) I got on pair of nice, sedate, plain purple cotton/lycra, which should be good for hot summers. The other pair, I just told Evelyn I wanted a nylon/lycra pattern with lots of purple and black in it.

I LOVE them!!!
I'll be hard to miss at rides if the rather memorable little white pony wasn't enough, I'll be sporting these wild numbers come ride day. I don't think I'll have to worry about running into myself out on trail. I just might have to worry about spooking my pony...
And I just got new insoles or my Terrains again, so we'll see if I can make them work. They're my favorite shoes, overall. My hiking sneakers are great for hiking, and good for riding, but can be narrow in the toes for riding and make my feet go numb after too long a period of time, especially downhill trotting. My Ariat Endurance (meshy, lighter-weight version of the Terrains, kind of) are great for riding, but my little toes jam into the sides in a weird fashion if I hike for more than half a mile in them. Overall, I've found the Terrains to be the best for riding and hiking, even if I think they could sometimes use a little more traction...observe as I slither rapidly down the loose granite hills and try not to fall on my bum...
Of course, looking at the underside of the Terrains, I cam to the realization that they are about seven years wonder they're a bit worn.