Friday, February 24, 2012

Post Recommendation

Mel at Boots and Saddles had a fascinating post about tendons this week.

The Tendon Post
The "What Now" Follow-Up
Companion Post on Bone

Great posts, Mel!  We're all benefiting from your being in vet school.  Want to come practice in AZ after you graduate?

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  1. Thank you!!!!!

    I may not be going to AZ (at least I don't think so)- but one of my best friends and classmates is from AZ and is planning on practicing there :).

    I'm thinking aobut writing up these posts into a nice and succinct article to submit to EN - after getting it read through by one of my professors to make sure I didn't miss or miscontrue anything. Some of this research/knowledge was completely new to me and has completely changed how I approach tendons etc. This is why I'm going to be a vet. I could talk and write about this stuff all day long....