Saturday, January 24, 2015

TOA Blog Hop: Worth 1k Words

Worth 1k Words.
Let's share our favorite photos of our stud muffins.  No limit.

Oooohhh, asked for excuse to plaster all of my fave photos in one place. Some will have been seen before, others may be new. Obviously, the pony garners the most of these...but with 18+ years of photo-taking together, we've gotten some keepers. (This doesn't even count all of our show-ring days, all of which are hard copies that haven't been scanned yet.)

first LD, Man Against Horse 25 2006

second LD, in which she is still pulling on me into the first check

bittersweet...our last competition (and the
one that decided her retirement)
photo by Laura Bovee

my favorite ride photo ever, Valley of the Sun 2009

ignore my position...she has much better jumping form than I do

such a stinker...this is why we didn't use
snaffle bits at rides
photo by Jane Grey Photography

first distance ride, First of Spring NATRC 2002
photo by Jane Grey Photography

playing in the Salt River

playing in the wash at Catalina

one of my favorite ear-cam shots...playing in the pines in Flagstaff

Man Against Horse 50 2009 -- best ride accomplishment ever

war mare face

Las Cienegas LD -- I love the going away shot

she's not big on cuddles usually, so I love that her ears are up
and she's actually happy about it

first back-to-back LD, day two...thrilled with how perky she was!

love all ear-cam attentive and alert

first 50! I'm a dork and she's like 'whatever'
photo by Laura Bovee

And I've done enough rides and gotten enough good pics of her that I feel Liberty qualifies to be included here as well...

love this...another one of my favorite ride
Bumble Bee 25 2014
photo by Susan Kordish

the precursor to the above awesome photo,
I'm gabbing and she's hydrating
photo by Susan Kordish

majestic view, dorky green horse, silly rider
and granted, I had my stirrups a hole too short (green horse
security thing) but dang, she's tall and I'm short
photo by Susan Kordish

another favorite going-away shot
photo by Susan Kordish

our first ride together and we kinda look
like we know what we're doing
(after she spent the prior several minutes
balking at the photographer)
Prescott Chaparral 30 2013
photo by Susan Kordish

an interesting side profile shot...this mare has the most
interesting face...and yes, while the photographer is below us,
my feet are that high up on her sides
photo by Susan Kordish

Libby's first ride, Gina riding...doing her
trademark "thing" of air-pawing whenever
she's impatient

more ear-cam!

forcing cuddles and how-to-take-a-selfie on her

dork mare (mid-shake)

love it...can actually drop my reins on the crew bag and she
stays put!

being a, 30 miles wasn't enough...digging to
China and sticking her tongue out about being yelled at


  1. So many great photos! Mimi is so very cute, and I LOVE you and Liberty together in orange

    1. Thank you! I was really surprised how much I ended up loving the orange on the dark bay...even better than orange on grey (we've seen gone back to pony's signature purple).