Wednesday, April 30, 2014

new page

I just put together a new page included in the header, "Ride Stories." It's a compilation of all of my distance competitions I've done, with links to the accompanying stories I've written.

I don't have stories to go with all the rides...yet. Many of them were pre-blogging days, so it'll be a creative memory exercise to see how much I can remember, but I'd eventually like to get something up for all of them. And some rides that happened during blogging years never got properly written if you search them out, there will be some half-hearted mutterings about them buried in another post...but I would like to go back and re-visit those from the perspective of a few years and less dramatic emotion.

It's organized by horse, and then by subcategory of yearly breakdown. So check it out...there might be story you missed, or take a tour de refresher course through my somewhat interesting ride career...

Ride Stories page

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