Monday, March 3, 2014

horse show after-action report

Nothing like waiting for several weeks after the show to write about it, eh?

The long and short of it:

  • My tall boots didn't kill me. Although I had some nasty shin splints a couple days later, probably from neglecting to change out of said tall boots after I was done riding and doing all of the packing up, driving back to the barn, unloading, and driving home. Maybe something to do with it.
  • I still enjoy showing...just not Mimi. Mimi would probably enjoy showing again...with a junior rider. Together, the two of us prefer distance riding.
  • I missed my wild tights and comfortable shoes.
  • My boyfriend came along to help mind the puppy...I quite enjoyed having him there, and it was really nice to not have to worry about Artemis while I was riding.
  • The best part was seeing old friends from my show days, some who have their own children showing, some who are now the professional trainers...
  • Anyway, it was something different to do that got us out of the barn. Might be fun to get Mimi back in shape for gymkhana games...we did some barrel patterns for fun the other weekend  at the barn and she had a blast.

clean...and fuzzy

small puppy got to go...and had a blast

not too bad for brushing off the trail dust


  1. Interesting. Sometimes you can go back and sometimes you can't. Interesting you still liked showing but mimi didn't. Still a good outing and something a little different is never bad!

  2. I wondered how that went! That is a very vague "Mimi didn't like it" Ooo was she naughty? ;) She looked quite spiffy!

  3. Love it!

    Its so wonderful and weird to reconvene with folks you haven't seen forever when your lives have changed so much. Always wonderful to reconnect and yet so crazy that things have changed so much. It sounds like you had a blast. =)