Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Prescott prep

Three days + three different horses = a ton of stuff.

At least, that's the way it seems as I find myself adding to my ride packing checklist instead of crossing things off. And of course all three horses don't go in the exact same tack-saddle pad-boot set-up...that would be way too easy.

Thus far, I've managed to:
- Clean tack
- Clean boots (still need to sort boots and figure out which ones I need to bring)
- Wash saddle pads (and forget they're still sitting in the washer wait until the weather cleared to stick them outside to dry)
- Make a grocery list

Still to do:
- Just about everything

Really excited about doing three days...the 30 on Saturday, 55 Sunday, and 50 on Monday.

The weather is wrecking havoc on my plans right now...freak wind/rain storm came in yesterday and dropped the temps by almost 20*...and now I don't know what it'll do over the weekend, whether I believe the predicted highs in the low-to-mid 70s, or if it's going to stay cold and potentially dump certain four-letter words of precipitation on us. This should make packing interesting.

Right now, three different weather sites are saying 70+, which is pretty much perfect.

Trying to decide if I have enough motivation to go wrangle the sewing machine and stitch together a fleece blanket, or if I just raid my current stack of fleeces to toss in the crew bag. (The latter is sounding like the more appealing option at the moment.)

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  1. Wow, an ambitious weekend, sounds great! With three different horses I'd be interested in hearing what you change about saddles, pads, etc.