Friday, May 11, 2012

iPhone fun

Anyone have any good endurance-related iPhone app suggestions?

I've got the usual suspects already...twitter, facebook, a couple of photo apps (Hipstamatic and Instagram), plenty of music.  Looking for GPS recommendations...have heard MotionX is a good one...any other thoughts?


  1. I love my endomondo app for riding! Calculates speed (hi Lo avg), altitude gain loss, and maps it out and you can download the route to use later in other programs.

  2. I knew I'd read this in my blog roll, but forgot to comment. I love MotionX, but have been using Strava cycling for the last 6 months or so. MotionX is great to store maps and access when you have no access to service. Strava doesn't store maps, but just tracks your progress (like endomondo, which I tried but wasn't in love with). I like Strava's website, where I can see by month or week or event mileage, speed, etc.