Sunday, December 18, 2011

'Tis the Season

Mimi has her own Santa hat.  On the years I 1) remember and 2) don't misplace it, I pull out the hat and take embarrassing pictures of the pony.  It's the sort of activity that reminds her of a pony's station in life: to be a little girl's dress-up toy.

She finds it less than amusing.

This year, I not only was able to find the hat, I remembered to take it down to the barn before Christmas.  Here's a few of today's antics and outtakes. I'm saving the "nice" one for Christmas.

It rained today. Funny, it rained last time I was down at the barn.
Mimi's over the rain.

For a sweet pony, she can pull the bitchiest mare faces.
Grouching at her stall-neighbor.

"Uh oh...I remember this..."

"Did I mention I hate you?"
Reward for tolerating five minutes of indigation: a warm beet pulp mash.
Stall-neighbor Ava wants to share.  Only thing Mimi shares is flying
hooves and teeth.

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