Thursday, June 26, 2008

Done and done!

Whew. Trailer is packed, truck is packed...except for the extra waters, why do I always forget those??? Just finished showering and in the process of waiting for my hair to dry somewhat, redecorated myself with henna.

The quest to break myself continues...slammed my left index finger and right pinkie in the sliding window of the trailer yesterday trying to get it unstuck. The end result is some painful brusing whenever I clench my fists. That'll get me to "ride light" this weekend. Mimi, no pulling!

Then, my coupe de grace was this evening, carrying the folding table out to the truck, I wasn't paying attention when I lifted it and clipped my big with the edge of the table. Goodbye, 1/4 chunk of toenail off my right big toe. :((( Took almost 15 minutes to get it to stop bleeding...Wonder Dust for horses works really well on people, too.

Well, I had been waffling on what shoes to wear this weekend...Terrains or Columbias. This makes the decision for me, because I think my Columbias are going to be too tight in the toe area, whereas the Terrains are super wide. I guess I have an excuse to avoid running now? Heh.

3:30AM wakeup call...time to get to bed.

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  1. Can't wait to hear about the ride! I hope it was a good one for you. :-)